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Places for Statistics Education in India


 Statistics is one of the useful subject in India now a days, data analysis & decision making are two necessary part of it.
India has a tradition to be a part in the development & discovery of some statistical terms & tools. Some of our great statisticians are:
Prof P.C.Mahalanobis, C.R.Rao, R.C.Bose, S.N.Roy, P.V.Sukhatme, A.K.Chakraborty, M.C.Chakraborty, B.V.Shah, J.K.Ghosh, Malay Ghosh, B.K.Roy & so on.

Good Places for B.Sc in Statistics in India:-

(1) INDIAN STATISTICAL INSTITUTE:- ISI Calcutta offers B.Stat program which is regarded as one of the leading Bachelors program in Statistics. It takes an entrance exam & also an interview in each year in the month of may.
(2)Calcutta University:- There are 5-10 colleges in Kolkata area which offers B.Sc in Statistics among them St.Xaviers(Autonomous), Presidency University,Narrendrapur Ramkrishna Misson are renowned for their long term heritage.
(3) Delhi University:- There are so many colleges under Delhi University which offers B.Sc in Statistics among which Ramjas College,Hans Raj College are renowned.
(4) Pune University:- There is some good colleges in Pune university also.
(5) IIT KHARAGPUR:- It offers a Integrated M.Sc in Statistics & Informatics.It takes admission through IIT JEE.

Good places for M.Sc in Statistics in India:

(1)  INDIAN STATISTICAL INSTITUTE:- ISI offers M.Stat ,M.Tech in QROR program which are regarded as one of the leading Masters program in Allied Science & Statistics. It takes an entrance exam & also an interview in each year in the month of may.
(2) Calcutta University: The university which produces so many renowned statisticians offers M.Sc in Statistics & M.Phil in statistics program.
(3) INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: IIT KANPUR offers M.Sc in Mathematical Statistics & IIT Bombay offers M.Sc in Applied Statistics & Informatics. It takes admission through IIT JAM. 
(4) Pune University,Delhi University have good faculties & offers Masters program in Statistics.
(5) INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR POPULATION STUDIES: IIPS,INDIA offers M.Sc in Population Sudies,M.Sc in Biostatistics,M.Phil in Population Statistics.It takes admission in the month of July-August.
(6) INDIAN AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE: IASRI,NEW DELHI offers M.Sc in Agricultural Statistics which is only of its kind in India.

Ph.D in Statistics In India:

ISI, IIT, CU, IASRI, PU have been mostly renowned places for research education in Statistical Fields.

Research Topics include BioStatistics,Statistics,Applied Statistics,Operations Research,Econometrics,Mathematical Statistics & so on.

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