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Due to unavoidable reason, Ctanujit Classes will be closed from 1st November to 30th November 2018.
Postal Package will be available from 1st December 2018.

Study Material for ISI B.STAT & B.MATH Entrance Exam

Study Material for ISI B.STAT & B.MATH 2019 Entrance Exam (6th Edition)
Exam Name: ISI BSTAT & BMATH Entrance Exam 2019
Syllabus: 10+2 Level Mathematics
Course Fee : Rs. 3000 (Three Thousands Rupees) including Service Tax & delivery charges within India.

Available from 1st June, 2018

Our Package: 

Book-1: Theoretical Concept Book: It contains theory & examples on the following topics: Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Function & Graphs, Calculus; this book covers the syllabus of ISI Entrance Exam.
Book-2: Mock Test Papers for ISI: It covers 10 Objective & 25 Subjective Mock Test Papers with solutions for ISI Entrance Exam.
Book-3: Topic Wise Solved Problems for ISI: It contains topic wise (topics that are included in ISI Syllabus) Objective Type & Short Answer Type Problems with detailed solutions for practicing for ISI Entrance Examination.
 Book-4: Test Papers for ISI: It contains 20 test papers with detailed solutions for ISI Entrance Exam. The standard of these problems are exactly of ISI Level. 

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Total Number of Books : 4 , Total Number of Pages : 1200, Book Binding Type : Spiral Binding , Page Quality : ITC Paper , Package Binding : Waterproof & Sealed , Package Weight : 4 Kg ,  Courier Service : Indian Speed Post