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Urgent Notice:

Due to unavoidable reason, Ctanujit Classes will be closed from 1st November to 30th November 2018.
Postal Package will be available from 1st December 2018.

Study Material for ISI MMATH (Master of Mathematics) Entrance Exam

Study Material for ISI MMATH 2019 Entrance Exam
Syllabus: H.S. & Undergraduate Level Mathematics
Price :  Rs. 1500 (One Thousand & Five Hundred Rupees) including Service Tax & Delivery Charges.

Available from 1st June, 2018

Study Package:

Book-1: ISI MMA Solution Book: It contains 600 Solved problems from ISI MMA Previous Papers. Sample solutions & ISI TOMATO Solutions are available in www.ctanujit.org to check the quality of the material.

Book-2: ISI & TIFR Solution Book: 
        It contains complete solution of ISI MMATH PMB (Subjective) Exam papers TIFR 5 Previous Years Solved Papers and 200 Solved Sample Problems for TIFR Exam.


More Information:- 
Total Number of Books: 2, Total Pages: 500 Pages, Packing: Waterproof & Sealed, Package Weight: 1 kg, Courier Service: Indian Speed Post
Delivery Time: Within 7 days of your payment. 

For any further queries mail us ctanujit@gmail.com