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Successful Students got admission in Premier Institutes from Ctanujit Classes in 2016

2016 Success Stories:-


1. Akshay Sateesh Hedge (ISI B.MATH Final Selection)
Comment : "Thank You. The study material you provided helped me to pass the entrance exam. Thank you for your support & advice throughout the year "
2. Madhurima Mondal (ISI B.STAT Final Selection)
3. Soumalya Banerjee (ISI MSQMS Final Selection)
Comment : "The solved problems were very helpful. Classroom program has helped me to practice Mathematics after a long time. Good number of problems were solved in the classes."
4. Sukanya Bhattacharya (ISI M.STAT Final Selection)
5. Ashish Anand (ISI MSQE Kolkata Final Selection)
Comment : "Thank You SIR"
6. Bitan Basu (ISI MSQE Delhi Final Selection)
7. Atif Zeya (ISI MSQE Delhi Final Selection)
8. Ansuman Sharma (ISI MSQE Delhi Final Selection)
9. Sourav Dutta (ISI M.TECH QROR Final Selection)
Comment : "I took the study material and attended the Pre-Interview class here which were very helpful. It will be better if ISI aspirants attend the classroom program conducted here at Shyamnagar."
10. Dhritiman Nandi (ISI M.Tech QROR Final Selection)
11. Madhurima Basak (ISI M.TECH QROR Final Selection)
Comment : "Material is very helpful"and the classroom program is good."
12. Vishnu Prakash Singh (ISI M.Tech QROR Final Selection)
13. Rahul Kumar (ISI M.Tech CS Final Selection)
14. Arijit Nag (ISI M.Tech CS Final Selection)
15. Riya Roy (ISI M.Tech CS Final Selection)

1. Bitan Basu (Rank : 1st)
2. Akash Sood (Rank : 9th)
3. Amritanshu Patnaik (Rank : 25th)


1. Akash Sood (Rank : 2nd)