List of Books for M.Sc/Ph.d in Mathematics Entrance Exam

This is a very useful Booklist for ISI M.Math,CMI M.Sc in Mathematics,TIFR,UOHYD,RKMVU M.Sc/Ph.d Mathematics Entrances, the names are given Area-wise:

1. Principles of Mathematical Analysis, W. Rudin, TMH
 2. Mathematical Analysis, T. M. Apostol, Narosa
 3. Introduction to Real Analysis by Bartle Sherbert

Complex Analysis:
Complex Analysis-L.V.Ahlfors

1. Topology of Metric Spaces by Kumaresan
2. Principles of Topology by Fred H. Croom
3. Topology-James Munkres

Linear Algebra:
 1. Linear Algebra, K. Hoffman and R. Kunze, PHI
2.Higher Algebra, S. K. Mapa
3.Linear Algebra, G.Hadly

Abstract Algebra:
1. Algebra by Artin
2. Topics in Algebra, I. N. Herstein, J. Wiley
3. Abstract Algebra, D. S. Dummit and R. M. Foote, J. Wiley